Performing & Visual Arts
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ISAAC is an experiential learning community where visual and performing arts and technology provide driving forces in creating new environments for teaching and learning 21st Century Skills. They are used to strengthen our core philosophies ~ the collaboration of teachers, experiential learning, and learning through the arts and communication.

Our 21st century classrooms embrace both state and national technology standards and ensure that technology resources are integrated across the curriculum. ISAAC students use laptops, iPads, and Internet-based research, learning and assessment tools on a daily basis. Our goal is to have them access, understand, and interpret information abounding in our global community while enabling them to refine their craft in a variety of creative formats and artifacts.

We use audio, visual, and kinesthetic teaching and learning strategies to connect to our expeditionary learning philosophy, and to engage students in more meaningful ways ~ not only to increase the performance of high-achieving students, but to challenge and support at-risk and special education students. We use technological communication strategies to increase student achievement through increased communication with caregivers, and in designing student projects for authentic audiences.


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