Principal's Notebook
David C. Howes - Principal and Executive Director
David C. Howes - Principal and Executive Director

“We are crew, not passengers and are strengthened by acts of service to others."


Dear ISAAC Community,

As we embark on this 20th anniversary year, I am reflecting on all that ISAAC has accomplished during this time and who we are as a school. The ISAAC family has much to be proud of but the one thing we are, and have always been proudest of, is our students!

ISAAC’s greatest strength has always been the diversity of our student population. Drawing from over 12 different districts throughout southeastern Connecticut, ISAAC is truly interdistrict. This strength also represents our greatest challenge- how can we effectively meet the needs and grow the capabilities of all of our students?

One primary answer to this question is how we define achievement. At ISAAC, we strive to meet a variety of learning styles and, in so doing, we want our students to realize their “best selves.” Our students are multi-dimensional and therefore, we want to measure their growth in multiple dimensions.

Therefore, ISAAC has defined and measures achievement in three dimensions: Character, High Quality Work, and Mastery of Knowledge and Skills. ISAAC teachers design learning experiences where character matters: focusing on both personal responsibility and responsibility to the community; and where quality matters: challenging students to ask difficult questions like why and how and then communicating their answers with quality and precision. Our teachers believe when classrooms are rich with character and quality, then mastery of knowledge and skills will naturally follow. These are ISAAC’s Three Dimensions of Achievement.

I encourage you to talk to your children about their goals in the three dimensions of achievement and how they are growing in them this year. We want our students to own their learning. Your conversations with them about their learning are essential to their growth. I also invite you to talk to us about questions and ideas you have related to the Three Dimensions, our program, or anything else! Together, we are Crew, and as a community of educators and families, we will support our students to achieve in all three dimensions!

Yours in Crew,

Mr. Howes

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