Research overwhelmingly indicates that parent and/or guardian involvement not only positively affects student achievement, it contributes to higher quality education and better performance of schools overall.


At ISAAC we encourage parents and guardians to get involved in the ISAAC community by volunteering 10 hours a year, which includes getting involved in the ISAAC Parent Action Team (IPAT).




IPAT is a group of parents, guardians and educators from ISAAC working together. All parents and guardians of ISAAC students are welcome to attend all, any or some of the monthly IPAT meetings.

The main goals of IPAT are to provide:

  • An open communication forum for parents and guardians to speak with the school educators and administrators. IPAT meetings are an excellent opportunity to learn about what is going on at school, ask questions, suggest improvements and more.
  • Fundraising opportunities to benefit our school and students. ISAAC (as are most schools) always in need of additional money to support activities beyond the traditional school day. Some examples include the annual camping trip to Camp Hazen, designing and printing the annual yearbook, and other curriculum enhancement trips and activities.
  • School-wide community development events. In order to encourage one of the goals of a school which purposely draws from multiple towns, we think it is important to encourage a few school-wide "get-togethers."


We look forward to seeing you at any of the upcoming IPAT meetings in the upcoming school year. Dates are sent out to all families via email and posted on the ISAAC Facebook page.


For information about the Parent Action Team at ISAAC please contact mildred_rivera@isaacschool.org.

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