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Gifts of all sizes from alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, board and community friends help ISAAC meet its operating and expansion needs. Although recent legislation has slightly increased the per-pupil allocation to Connecticut Charter Schools, we still operate on a lower funding ratio than regular public school districts.

The charter school movement is distinguished by an impressive history and by a strong national base of support for the development of innovative public school programs of choice. State of Connecticut funding for charter school students, however, continues to fall short in terms of per pupil allocation. This makes it incumbent upon charter schools to make up for the resultant funding shortfalls. Efforts are ongoing to resolve this issue, which, of course, is exacerbated by a challenging economy. Notwithstanding, a powerful motivator is firm belief in the importance of school Choice. In ISAAC’s unique mission, and in the remarkable development of our middle school aged students, we can and we must continue our ongoing efforts to secure funds from private donations and grants to meet our growing needs.

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