Extended Learning
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IEXL Club Schedules


There are three sessions of the ISAAC Extended Learning (IEXL) program throughout the year.

The program provides a variety of enrichment, fitness and leadership development activities for ISAAC students through a variety of clubs.


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This is the last session this school year. Clubs begin the Monday after Spring Break. Sign up now!


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Mondays and Wednesdays

 Multicultural Club 




Jump On Stage   

With Jose 

A brand new afterschool musical theater workshop

learning choreography and all dances for a modified production of "The Wiz"




Students Against Destructive Decisions





Tuesday and Thursdays


Isaac Rocks

Tuesday & Thursday

With Ms. Cherri and Abby


Have you heard about the new trend of painting rocks?

Join us on Tuesday and Thursday to decorate rocks and place them in

locations for others to find as a random act of kindness. Just think, you’ll brighten

someone’s day with a pretty painted rock or an inspirational message.  



With Coach Heath

Learn to play a variety of different sports while having fun and getting exercise




ISAAC Walking with the Past 

With Margaret Lancaster

Take a walk through historical New London and learn about the city's past. 

We will visit buildings, monuments, boats, historic pier life

and homes that are very important to the city and the importance of keeping its history. 





With Mandy Bonano

Tell your story through a lense. Learn photograpy and about historical New London.





Other Student Activities:

Student Government - Founded in 1998, the Student Government is an elected group of students who operate to best serve the needs of the students from the student perspective. Learn more


Yearbook Club - At ISAAC, students create the annual yearbook. They meet weekly after school to compose yearbook pages, work on layout, design and content.


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