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Reading Program

ISAAC's Core Values and Vision of the Graduate are the cornerstones of all we do. At ISAAC, we recognize that literacy is the foundation of all learning and is a civil right. For our students who struggle with reading, we are committed to providing an evidence-based approach that is crafted for each student’s needs. 

With that commitment, we are proud to offer students who require an intensive reading intervention, the Wilson Reading System.  This specialized instruction is delivered by our ISAAC's Wilson-certified teachers who have gone through a rigorous one-year training.  

What is Wilson? Wilson is a highly acclaimed Structured Literacy Program that has been endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association and is recognized by schools across the country as a one of the most effective programs for struggling readers. Wilson teaches the structure of English, starting with simplest concepts to the more advanced. Each lesson focuses on reading, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency. Wilson’s effectiveness is in the instructional model of explicit, systematic teaching that is diagnostic using a multisensory approach. As students master each step of the program, they gain confidence and become more successful in school.  

For more information please feel free to contact Amy Geary, Director of Student Supports, at