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Student Support Services

ISAAC’s Special Education Department provides quality educational services to students who have a disability and who require specialized instruction. As mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), special education services are provided in the "least restrictive environment". A hallmark of our school is that all students, regardless of ability, have access to the general education curricula. Our success is in ISAAC’s co-taught teaching model. This inclusive model is available in our English/Language Arts and mathematics classes and is utilized to provide equity. Additionally, ISAAC offers small group instruction with a special education teacher in the Resource class to reinforce learning, while addressing individual needs.

At ISAAC, the Special Education Department has highly qualified educators and professionals dedicated to educational excellence. Specialized services include certified special education teachers, social workers, and a speech-language pathologist. Our special education department works in collaboration with local districts and parents to address each student’s individual needs. ISAAC is committed to providing rigorous educational standards with individualized supports, so that every student will have the opportunity to achieve.  

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