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Athletic Code of Conduct

All students interested in playing a sport must register using our online registration platform, FamilyID. Students must also have a current physical on file with the school nurse. Physicals are valid for a period of 13 months. If a physical expires during the sports season, an updated physical must be submitted to the nurse so that the student-athlete may continue to participate. 

It is our belief that students benefit from participation in extra-curricular and interscholastic opportunities.  We also believe that students who wish to participate in these activities must establish and maintain solid academic standing.  Students who have 2 or more D’s, or any F’s, in any classes, will be put on probation from their sport/activity.  A probation contract (with a timeline and action steps for grade improvement) will be developed with the student, counselor, and coach/advisor and be approved by a school administrator.  Students who do not meet the expectations set forth in the contract, will be removed from the team/activity. 

Behavior and expectations set forth by our student handbook must also be maintained both inside the building and during our school sporting events. Behavior that does not meet our student/athlete expectations could lead to probation, suspension, or removal from team activities per administration.  

At the beginning of a sport season or activity, grades from the most recent progress report or report card will be used.  For fall sports and activities, grades from the end of the previous school year will be used.  Eligibility will be verified during the duration of the sport or activity (at the midway mark of each quarter and the final report card). Grades will be monitored throughout the entirety of the athletic season.  If a student fails to meet eligibility requirements at this time, students will begin the probation process with the school counselor and coach/advisor.