1. How do I report a tardy or absent child?
    Call 860.447.1003 to report a tardy or absent student.
    If a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian must contact the school by 9:00 am at 860.447.1003. Please see the parent/student handbook for further details regarding attendance expectations.
  2. What are the school hours?
    8:25 AM - 3:00 PM are the school hours on a regular full day of school.
    School hours are 8:25 am to 3:00 pm. Students who arrive between 8:00 am - 8:25 am are expected to wait in the Commons or outside. School will dismiss promptly at 3:00 pm.


  1. Are plain jackets or sweatshirts allowed over the ISAAC Uniform shirt?
    No. If a student arrives to school with any jacket or sweatshirt that is without the ISAAC logo they will be asked to place the jacket or sweatshirt into their locker until the end of the day.
    A jacket or sweatshirt is not a required uniform item. Sweatshirts, fleeces and jackets that do not have an ISAAC logo are not permitted. Students may only where tops and/or jackets that have the ISAAC logo throughout the school day.


  1. Where can I find staff emails?
    On the homepage of the website, scroll down. On the right side of the page you will see a "Staff" link.
    To view staff names please click the "STAFF" link on the home page.


  1. What are the ISAAC School Wide Values?
    The ISAAC Values are CREW
    The School-wide Values of ISAAC are CREW:
    Work Ethic
    These values guide both students and staff and are founded in a commitment to learning and a respectful community.