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ISAAC is an experiential learning community where visual and performing arts and technology provide driving forces in creating new environments for teaching and learning 21st Century Skills. They are used to strengthen our core philosophies ~ the collaboration of teachers, experiential learning, and learning through the arts and communication.

Our 21st century classrooms embrace both state and national technology standards and ensure that technology resources are integrated across the curriculum. ISAAC students use laptops, iPads, and Internet-based research, learning and assessment tools on a daily basis. Our goal is to have them access, understand, and interpret information abounding in our global community while enabling them to refine their craft in a variety of creative formats and artifacts.

We use audio, visual, and kinesthetic teaching and learning strategies to engage students in more meaningful ways ~ not only to increase the performance of high-achieving students, but to challenge and support at-risk and special education students. We use technological communication strategies to increase student achievement through increased communication with caregivers, and in designing student projects for authentic audiences.


Music Notes
Girl playing the flute

ISAAC believes that a music education for all children is vital for its aesthetic, historical, cultural and educational value.

At ISAAC Music plays an important role in students’ individual academic and artistic development as well as in building a student community. Based on the ISAAC philosophy about music education, we believe that music is an important subject for all students at the middle school level. Since opening its doors in 1997, ISAAC has always believed in the power of music to transform children’s lives. Every student attending ISAAC participates in our music program and has the opportunity to learn and develop instrumental skill, or be a part of our vocal ensembles.

  • The ISAAC Music Program strives to provide students the opportunity to create, perform and respond to music through a variety of experiences and activities that explore a variety of cultures and ideas.
  • Music knowledge and performance helps increase critical thinking skills, concentration, self-discipline and self-expression.
  • Music builds positive personal relationships with others and prepares individuals to live and work in a culturally diverse society.

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In language arts, students use Inspiration software as a prewriting tool to organize their facts and ideas, and use word processing to publish their work in a variety of formats. In math, students use Internet-based software for individualized instruction and practice, Excel for creating, formatting and anlayzing graphs, and PowerPoint for topic-specific projects.

Technology is used both inside and outside of the science classroom as students use electronic probeware to collect and assess soil, water, and weather data. They conduct research, write up lab reposts, and produce podcasts, iMovies, and presentations.

In social studies classes, ISAAC students learn how to conduct research using paper and electronic resources both in the classroom and at the New London library, one block away. They learn searching strategies and the ethical use of the Internet. Computers are used consistently in Spanish, health, performing arts, resource, and math and literacy academies, as well.



The Performing Arts at ISAAC includes both in and out of school experiences that allow students to be both experienced performers and critical audience members. In school, there are elective classes that apply the National and Connecticut Standards for theater education and allow students to develop skills in self-expression, public speaking, and performing. These skills are also utilized in the core classes through integrated projects.

Students participate in a large expedition creating an original theatrical program. The students write the script, compose music, design costumes and make-up, build sets, design and build lighting and props, manage, promote, assess and act in an original performance. This experience is cited by students and alumni as one of the most powerful during their education at ISAAC.

As audience members, ISAAC students are trained to be critical thinkers, enjoying various events at the Garde Arts Center and other local performances. These events enhance the academic learning that occurs throughout the year.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs


Art is voice. At ISAAC, our visual artists will explore the arts of painting, printmaking, and collage. Visual Arts Academy classes allow students to experience a variety of tools, materials, techniques and various artists’ work as inspiration. For our 7th and 8th graders, we provide an Advanced Visual Arts course for students who would like to pursue more intense study of visual arts topics and mediums. Our goal is for each ISAAC artist to express their individual voice by communicating meaningful ideas, experiences, and emotions through visual language.  

Visual Arts Accomplishments and Awards

Our award-winning student work has been displayed at the following authentic venues:

  • Mystic Arts Center Student Art Show, Group Award for 3 years in a row
  • Mitchell College, STEM to STEAM Conference, Math & Art Fractal Compositions
  • Hygienic Art Gallery, New London, Photo-journalism
  • Garde Arts Theater, Windows of New London
  • Tse-tse Gallery, New London
Language Arts Refugee Project
Visual Arts